Risk Management is one of the most important aspects of event planning
…yet fewer than 17% of event organizers have a risk management plan

ERMS & Blerter 2020 Industry Survey

Are you one of the 17%?

As professionals in the festivals and events industry, we find ourselves operating in an uncertain world with evolving risks from homegrown violent extremism (active shooters through vehicle ramming attacks), cybersecurity threats, severe weather events, and competing programs within a saturated market. Cities and event organizing committees who have adopted a proactive approach to managing risk are organizationally more resilient and are better prepared to respond, manage and recover from adverse events and will have a higher level of confidence that their event will be delivered in a safe and secure environment.

The “from Risk to Resilience: the Fundamentals of Risk Management for Festivals and Events” eLearning course has been developed by Peter Ashwin, one of the industry’s leading experts on risk management and event security to fill the current industry knowledge gap on event risk management practices for event organizers and professionals.


Event professionals and producers, city and municipality special events staff, law enforcement officers responsible for special event security, and private security managers who plan and deliver festivals and events.


–The course has been developed from industry leading practices for event risk management adapted from international standards and guidelines, evidence-based academic research, combined with pragmatic, real world industry feedback from festival and event organizers, cities and municipality special events staff and event professionals.

The course framework consists of 10 self-paced learning modules that will provide you with the knowledge, tools and templates to guide you through the process for develop a Risk Assessment and Management Plan to support you and your event team to be better prepared to respond and recover from adverse events in today’s complex and uncertain world.

1. Managing risk in today’s uncertain world: Introduction to the Course

2. The Perception of Risk: Barriers, Bias & what’s in it for me

3. Lost in Translation – the Language of Risk

4. Understanding your Risk Ecosystem

5. Identifying your Risks

6. Risk Analysis: the relationship between Risk Control Measures and Risk Mitigation

7. Evaluating the Risk

8. Treating the Risk 

9. Monitoring, Reviewing & Communicating Risk 

10. The Event Risk Assessment & Management Plan (RAMP)


A working knowledge of the fundamentals and principles of event risk management combined with templates to prepare a Risk Assessment Management Plan (Word) and the ERMS risk library – a comprehensive guide to 90 + industry risks


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