The Covid-19 Event Risk Horizon and Assumption Based Planning for Festival and Event Organizers / Planners

The assumption-based event planning model was adapted from military planning / business continuity management methodologies to support festival and event organizers / planners who are trying to make sense of how to plan within an environment characterized by uncertainty and external influences over which they have limited control. The infographic provides a conceptual approach to the Covid-19 event risk horizon and business continuity management roadmap to recovery (adapted for events). An assumption-based event planning model approach will provide event planners informative guidance on how to utilize assumptions to ‘fill knowledge gaps’ in order to continue planning and develop courses of action (strategies and plans) within the uncertain Covid19 environment.  As event organizers we must accept and acknowledge that we may not return to a pre-Covid19 “event environment” for many months, or if ever.

Notwithstanding, while the environment remains uncertain, we as event organizers can still control aspects of our operating environment.  We are planners after all, given planning tools and templates, we can re-imagine our festivals and events and develop plans for the ‘new normal’ based on current assumptions, then modifying our plans, as the ‘unknowns’ become ‘knowns’. We can re-ignite and bring our communities back together through festivals and events. 

More than event, they need you – be agile, innovative stay #eventstrong.