The Fundamentals of Risk Management & Resilience for Festivals & Events
2 Day Workshop 

Risk management contributes to the achievement of resilience by identifying opportunities to build resilience into planning and resourcing to achieve risk reduction in advance of a hazard, as well as enabling the mitigation of consequences of any disasters that do occur”.

Risk Management Fundamentals, DHS Risk Management Doctrine, 2011


As professionals in the festivals and events industry, we find ourselves operating in an uncertain world with evolving risks from homegrown violent extremism (active shooter and vehicle borne ramming attacks), cybersecurity threats, severe weather events, and competing programs within a saturated market.

Today, more than ever, it is essential that cities and local organizing committees adopt a proactive approach to managing risk to enable the pursuit of opportunities (achieving our mission) while protecting the things we care about.

Resilient organizations are prepared to respond, manage and recover both financially and reputationally from adverse events, and possess a high level of confidence that an appropriate level of duty of care has been enacted for their festival or event.


This workshop presented by Event Risk Management Solutions (ERMS) has been developed to fill the risk management knowledge gap within our industry and to provide you with a practical approach to conducting a risk assessment and preparing a Risk Register that is specific the attendees festival or event.


City staff, police and public safety officers responsible for special event approvals and / or security, and local organizing committees, private security and vendors who plan and deliver festivals and events.  

This workshop is also relevant for senior leaders looking for insight into enterprise risk management and organization resilience.


This hands-on 2-day workshop promotes an interactive learning environment for attendees to share firsthand experiences and perspectives on the challenges and risks associated with planning and delivering events and festivals in today’s uncertain world.

Day One: “Yesterday’s Incident is Tomorrow’s Risk”

Day one guides attendees through the fundamentals of enterprise risk management, case studies and techniques for attendees to be able to conduct a festival / event risk assessment (FERA) specific to their festival or event. Sessions topics include:

Day Two: “Ready and Resilient”

Day two guides attendees through the development of risk-based plans (safety, security and emergency response), critical decision pathways, and operational readiness strategies to prepare and build individual and team resilience in today’s uncertain world.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the fundamentals of risk management and resilience based on “ISO 31000: Risk Management – Guidelines and Principles”, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) methodology for risk management and industry best practices.
  • Apply risk management tools and techniques to identify, assess, prioritize and implement risk controls to mitigate and manage industry-wide and event specific risks within an operational risk register and risk management framework.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between risk management, safety and security, operational readiness and team preparedness for festivals and events.
  • Understand the principles of organizational resilience, incident management and business continuity and their application within the festivals and events environment.
  • Develop an understanding of the principles for developing and facilitating risk based scenarios for tabletop exercises within an operational readiness program.
  • Apply change management theory to support the introduction and implementation of a “risk aware” culture into your organization.
  • Prepare a risk management framework and operational risk register .


  • ERMS Risk library – a comprehensive inventory of 90+ industry specific risks
  • Festival and Event Risk Assessment template (Excel)